Ranking of European States by Income: Ireland Leads

Ranking of European States by Income: Ireland Leads
The bulletin issued by Mef from time to time on international tax revenue is a relevant thermometer to consider.

In the first nine months of 2021, the bulletin number. 152, The trend of tax revenue in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Spain, in comparison, gives the impression of generalized growth in trend rates: the progress of vaccination campaigns is driving international economic activity. Favors the growth of production and tax revenue.

The Improved tax revenue growth It recordsIreland (+ 15.9%), followed by Spain (+ 14.1%) and the United Kingdom, which experienced a slight slowdown over the previous months, increased their revenue (+ 13.1%). For the better in France, a positive trend of revenue growth (+ 12.1%) has been recorded, perhaps, as Mef reports, in favor of the recent tax reform that has increased taxes on consumption of energy products. Finally, it is not surprising to observe that Germany has a steady growth (+ 9.1%).

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