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Despite a great reception at a jump reception, Thierry Neuville is an interesting lead scratch sign on both the Toyota Evans / Ogier, and this is a particularly strong man. Ott Tonak, the fourth-time author, is not at all in the game, obviously hanging a line of different tires from rivals.

Overall, while Newville logically widened the gap (+7.7) ahead of Evans, Ogier scored against Tinak for the interim third place. When studying Hyundai on asphalt, Craig Breen is a logical fifth.

Thanks to the good end of the special, not far from the last great driver Craig Breen, Adrian Formax took the sixth fastest time. The young Frenchman overtook Takamoto Katsutta and became the next Irishman.

In Rally 2, the fight seems to be more intense than in the Premier Class, with the top three grouped only in 4S5, including Team Suninan, rather easily with the Fiesta Rally 2 on Asphalt, his first.

In WRC3, while Nicholas Siamin is in more trouble, John Rossell temporarily retains the lead.

Pilot reactions

T. In New “No catch, really… I had a lot of surprises and a big jump, and there we went down very hard. We are on the finish line and I’m lucky. “
S. Ogier “It may not be right for us now, but we will continue to fight! At SS1, we warmed up at an angle where the leg came out, and we almost caught him. This gave us a flat tire, which gave us 6s.
E. Vance “CTo be honest it is still very slippery. Some deleted strings are already making a change. It’s hard, but we’ve trying. ”
O. Today no problem. There is a lot of pollution on the road, which was strategic. ”
T. Katsutha Anyway it is very delicate. In some angles the grip is very high but in others it is wet. The next two steps are very laborious, so we will see how this goes. ”
G. Greensmith This is a big change for me. I am very happy with this special and I am happy even though there were a lot of things I could improve on.
C ‘In some places I need a little more confidence, which is still a little crazy for me. I am very happy. “
A. Formax “I had a lot of fun at this point. It’s completely dirty now, so I was very careful in some places. I have to be careful in some places, but I always enjoy it. ”
PL.Loubet “I tried not to make mistakes, but it’s complicated.”
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Live text

The next special : ES3- Jaškovo – Mali Modruš Potok 1 (10.10 km) from 10:35 am (Friday 23rd April 2021)

Classification after ES2 / ES2 (23.76 km)

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