Random: Can you hear it? Sounds like Super Mario Galaxy 2 music in 3D All-Stars

Random: Can you hear it?  Sounds like Super Mario Galaxy 2 music in 3D All-Stars

If you watch the latest episode of this Nintendo Minute, You will see everything about next week’s release Super Mario 3D All-Stars. There is even Some The footage of this, well … part of this video sent viewers into a trance.

Around 20 second mark, The title of the game has a clip of the screen, from which music is played Super Mario Galaxy 2. Below is the cut version of the video:

ReamDreamcastGuy “Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection uses Super Mario Galaxy 2 music on the Start Screen, but Nintendo refused to include it in the Mario Galaxy 2 Collection.

Nintendo Switch subdivision user Little Leaf 2 About how the “Power Star Theme SMG2 Remix” played the same clip instead of the original Super Mario Galaxy One.

“The Nintendo Minute 3D All-Stars gameplay showed the title screen they use SMG2 A remix of the Power Star theme, by contrast SMG1. “

Of course, this is just an audio edit of Nintendo Minute.

best regards – Who runs the YouTube channel Modern vintage gamer, Points out how the same introduction is featured Super Mario64 On the widescreen, the All-Stars version of the game is actually a classic 4: 3 resolution.

“Wide screen Mario 64, Galaxy 2 music at the time of introduction? Nintendo is confusing us right now.”

So, what do you think about this finding? Is this a sign of things to come that have not been edited? Share your thoughts below.

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