Rampelli: «Parliament should be freed from donkeys. He cannot rule out who has destroyed the GDP. “

Rampelli: «Parliament should be freed from donkeys.  He cannot rule out who has destroyed the GDP. "
Those who led Italy to trouble cannot even lead the recovery. At least it shouldn’t be. But it also happens in Italy. It happens. Fabio Rampelli examines the latest GDP figures.

Rampelli: The decline in GDP shows the failure of the government

«Eurostat data on GDP 2020 testifies to the failure of the government’s economic policies. In the face of those who still survive in saving him, along with Parliament, which includes hundreds of ‘donkeys’, Observed by the Vice President of the Chamber. “Thanks to the 5 Steel movement (donkeys, edit), it does not meet the legislature’s need for efficiency and speed imposed by the emergency.”

5 Stelle asses still clinging to Conte

Welfare cannot be solved: we need to promote jobs, businesses, VAT numbers, and the self-employed – explains a Member of Parliament from Fratelli de Italia. That is, those who produce wealth. Ref Other stimulus has not affected the recession equivalent to -8.33%. This is not rhetoric or easy propaganda. By 2020, we see Ireland GDP + 3.2 per cent and 18 European countries increasing losses below 6 per cent.

The only solution for a serious executive is election

The numbers that show the errors of these dramatic months – motivate Rampelli. Of these, thousands of companies, instead of recognizing last year’s turnover compensation or canceling fixed expenses, made mortgages and inadequate donations until they were forced to close. Free elections help to renew the incompetent parliament, which is the final blow to the sale of senators today and sets Italy up with a government Seriously. Who knows how to generate that wealth through investments in the real economy that guarantee growth, employment and social well-being. Who condemned Italy as the last place in Europe? It cannot lead to its recovery.

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