Rakesh Suchelli dies at 34 – Riva – Arco, Ireland

Rakesh Suchelli dies at 34 - Riva - Arco, Ireland

The Arsenal community is in shock over the untimely death of 34-year-old Rakesh Suchelli.
Born in India but raised in his beloved Arco, Rakesh died on Monday morning at Mercy Hospital in Cork City, Ireland.
Rakesh Suchelli, who was always very close to the city of Palms, lived eight years ago at the Center for Live University in the south-west of Ireland: for him, moving to Cork, the second most populous city in the country after the capital Dublin, represents the achievement of a dream crown. The goal, achieved with great sacrifice, was more than to leave the city in the shadow of a castle: a land, Irish, dreamed of from a very young age, thanks to the “folk rock” songs he loved to hear.

Rakesh was known throughout Busa for his charisma, eccentricity, generosity and cheerful nature: an extraordinary sensitivity that set him apart, which will remain an indelible mark in the hearts of those who know him.
Around the same time this year – in mid – June, a mock verdict took him by surprise – in 2013, he died in Mario Suchelli, the father of Alco Alpine soldiers in Arco and the entire provincial black feather. He was very close with Rakesh.
After attending elementary and middle schools in Arco and “Mafi” High School in Riva del Garda, Rakesh graduated from the University of Trento with a three – year degree in linguistic mediation. He also worked for many years in a ticket office for “Mimosa” collaborations at trade fairs such as Expo Rivashu, and was active in volunteering at the RC Alto Garda, founded in 2010, and in the world of associations. He was one of the founders of it.

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He was also a candidate in the 2010 municipal elections. Then, 8 years ago, the decision to go to Cork to pursue the Irish dream unfortunately ended on Monday night.

Massimiliano Max Floriani, former councilor for culture, remembers him: I am incredible! A friend I shared a lot with, including the amazing experience of the 2010 municipal election. He was a symbol of positivity and a smile. Proud but supportive, intelligent and good. That was not right, Floriani igs says, “Interrupt this beauty so early. He was a rainbow. He had black hair and dark eyes. Indian Red of Abductions and Monasticism. The green of the Irish prairies. And the deep blue of the Nordic Sea. The same colors of Father Mario’s eyes, which conveyed the values ​​of solidarity and loyalty, made him an extraordinary man. Every day we lose him.

The first celebration will take place this afternoon at Rocky Island Cemetery on Ringaskidi in Cork. Updates and more communications will follow for any celebrations in its arch.

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