Rainer Bremeyer cycles, cycles and runs…

Rainer Bremeyer cycles, cycles and runs...

City Councilor Steinheimer Grünen not only has the most kilometers covered in city cycling, but is also an avid runner. Passion drives him.

Steinheim. Ambition drives him. Passion grows approx. If Marbacher hadn’t collided with another cyclist on the Neckarsteg two days before the end of the Stadtradeln campaign, Rainer Bremeyer would have easily covered 2700km in three weeks. So it was “only” 2433 km. The collision further slowed him down: doctors diagnosed a broken collarbone and ordered a break from the sport. Now the 60-year-old has a quick time. Infinite time. Time previously spent on sports.

Rainer Bremeyer has been a primary school teacher in the Wieblingen district of Bittenfeld for 33 years, and for 30 years he has been going to school by bicycle in all weathers – in the morning, if it is not snowing or snowing, he takes the car. The cold doesn’t slow him down because he’s invented hand warmers. He travels 36,000 km every academic year, saving over 60,000 kg of CO. He gets up at 5.25 to get on his bike at 6.30 – Bremeyer needs 40 to 45 minutes, compared to about 22 minutes by car. For city cycling, he gets up at 5 a.m., does a little more lap in the morning, does a big extra lap across the Max-Eyth-See in the afternoon, and is back on the bike in the evening.

Conquering Mont Ventoux in the Tour de France

“You don’t destroy the environment while driving,” Green, who represents the party in the Steinheim municipal council and district council, cited as one of the reasons for his commitment, adding that “sensory experiences” make any effort worthwhile. . “When the sun rises and the whole panorama lies before you between Affalterbach and Hochdorf, it’s an amazing experience,” enthuses the 60-year-old. Or Sugweisen nature experience, ducks on the road and cows in the pastures. Or circumnavigate Lake Esio, west of Lake Garda, on holiday. “That’s pretty awesome.”

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But there’s also physical motivation: “I play with gravity, and I can win regardless of whether I have a wind or an incline.” He doesn’t like the latter at all. With every climb, if your mental strength increases, happy hormones are also released naturally. Conquering the legendary Tour de France mountain, Mont Ventoux, is unforgettable. He had to get off three times to fight the nausea. The “crazy experience” of reaching the top compensates for defeat. Or brief encounters along the route: with other fast-racing cyclists pulling him in a slipstream, or with a group of adults doing the Tour de Württemberg. “I don’t see myself as an athlete, but as an ambassador that the bicycle is also an everyday way to travel longer distances.”

Participating in Boatwartal Marathon is a must

Actually, Rainer Bremeyer is a runner. When he comes home from school, he parks his bike and puts on his running shoes. Then another hour and a half via Höpfigheim and Steinheim, often in green T-shirts and hats. Here too the motto applies: Weather doesn’t count. For him, running is “a more direct physical experience”: feeling the earth with your feet, sensing nature slowly and intensely, feeling the ease of movement. He deliberately walks without music, but is open to conversations on the go. “Depending on who you meet, I’m willing to lose my rhythm,” he says with a smile. He runs 100km a week and is a must in his beloved Boatwhartle Marathon, so he sincerely hopes his collarbone will be fine again by mid-October – long enough to wait for his birthday present, now to run in Ireland on a marathon holiday.

Going to doctors is now his “biggest hobby” along with working through old records. The leader of the Greens parliamentary group follows his municipal council work as closely as his sporting career. There was no subject on which he did not prepare a rhetorically sophisticated speech. His budget speeches have a certain entertainment element, though they are usually long.

“You need good time management,” admits Bremeyer. There should be time for rest after ten o’clock at night. And on Sundays. He is indeed lucky that his wife is as busy with various jobs as he is. She doesn’t share his passion for sports or his commitment to local politics.

Wish: A climate-neutral Steinheim

His drive? “What I’m passionate about.” A philanthropic church – “The church can only function when it is connected to its values. Vedic system and celibacy are obsolete” – and Steinheim’s green development. Because of his parents, he was initially a member of the CDU – “the NATO double-track resolution in 1983 showed me I was in the wrong party” – and the Greens have been his political home since 1994. In 2004, Bremeyer ran for the new Green List: he and Petra Mohl were soon elected. He considers it a great success that the Greens in Steinheim now have five seats on the municipal council. His goal: to establish green municipal councils in Großbottwar and Oberstenfeld, and for Steinheim to become the first climate-neutral municipality.

And sporty? He wants to run and cycle around Lake Maggiore once a day – about 200 km – to stay as fit as possible! – Yet learn to swim well in retirement: “It is my disappointment that I cannot navigate the water with ease and leisure.”

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