Rain of varying intensity, wind and fog.. Know weather and rainfall map till Wednesday

أمطار متفاوتة الشدة ورياح وشبورة.. اعرف حالة الطقس وخرائط الأمطار حتى الأربعاء

The General Meteorological Authority has revealed the expected weather conditions for today, Friday to next Wednesday as temperatures drop in the country, so mild weather will prevail during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coast. In South Sinai and the south of the country, it is pleasant at night at the beginning of the night, and everywhere cold at the end.

“Seventh Day” publishes case details Weather During this period, the most important weather phenomena are as follows:

A drop in temperature in most parts of the republic

Mild cold weather in the north of the country up to northern Upper Egypt late at night and early in the morning

Friday 11 November:

Morning fog on some roads leading to Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern coasts, canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt

Occasional light rain over northern coasts and northern Lower Egypt

In Southern Red Sea Governorate, light rain with occasional thundershowers over Halayeb, Shalateen and Marsa Alam.

Occasional wind activity over Greater Cairo and South Sinai areas at intervals

Saturday 12 November:

Occasional light rain in Halayeb and Shalatin on the northern coasts, northern Lower Egypt and southern Red Sea Governorate.

Intermittent wind activity in conditions from the northwest coast and northern Upper Egypt

Sunday, November 13:

Intermittent moderate rainfall over northern coasts and northern Lower Egypt

Intermittent wind activity along the northern coast and northern Upper Egypt

From Monday 14 November to Wednesday 16 November:

Occasional wind activity in southern Sinai areas

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