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Race – Julia Meyer wins Ireland title

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Julia Meyer wins state cross country championship On December 12th, Bad Fishou-Brunerin launches at EM.

Created November 24, 2021 | 02:14

The title goes to Ireland

A hint. Julia Meyer celebrates her next national championship title at Grass. Bad Fishou-Brunerin is looking forward to the European Championship in Ireland in mid-December.

OLV / Nevsimal

That was the fifth tactic. Julia Meyer delights at the State Cross Country Championships in Grass. “This is my fifth consecutive national championship title this year. I am very happy about that. I started running after a very long week of training, ”reports the confidently successful mayor.

17:23 minutes later, the Bad Fish-Brunner woman raised her hands and then had to wait two and a half minutes for her first follower, Christina Pitchaler, so victory was paramount. “I’m very satisfied with my performance,” the 28-year-old laughs.

In two and a half weeks after winning the championship, it will be an international competition for the mayor again. “I qualified for the European Championships on December 12 in Ireland. I look forward to the big highlight of the end of this year, ”the mayor said of the Continental title fights.

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