Quimperlé – An energy check for Quimperlé

Quimperlé - An energy check for Quimperlé

Unreleased films and short films by students of the Prague Film School, testimony from a former rebel, little dishes and dance steps, music… Quimperle looks to the Czech Republic this week. The Czech delegation present on the occasion of the eighth edition of the International Week was welcomed on Friday evening at the Town Hall, in the company of La Veduta, the Quimperlois Photographers Association, which held exchanges and partnerships with the gallery. Chebil, Czech Republic 4. Quimperlé offered Julie García’s work “L’Endroit en verre” and objects from exhibitions presented in Quimperlé in recent years. Gallery 4, for its part, donated three sketches representing the city of Cheb and three books presenting the works displayed in their gallery. On Sunday, all these beauties met at the concert of the group Zrní to join in the music.

Do it yourself for your dishes: Eight people were able to learn about porcelain painting, a nearly 250-year-old tradition in the Karlovy Vary region. (The Telegram/Gwen Rastol)
The aperitif of the world
Taking Quimperlois on a journey and mixing all the cultures of the city around the table, the international week “Aperitif of the World”: various associations delight the taste buds with dishes from Benin, Mali, Madagascar and Ireland. Germany, Vietnam, India or Colombia. (The Telegram/Gwen Rastol)
Sunday meal with Czech delegation
There is no question of leaving Czech flavors without tasting them. On the menu for the (many) guests of the Groult room: svickova na smetané, a specialty made with beef, a vegetable sauce, mashed potatoes with kedliky, bread dumplings, and a Czech cake for the rest of the small space. (The Telegram/Gwen Rastol)
A few dance steps for the more adventurous: the Franco-Czech Association in Nantes offered an introduction to the polka.
A few dance steps for the more adventurous: the Franco-Czech Association in Nantes offered an introduction to the polka. (Telegram / Telegram)
Porcelain Painting Workshop in Quimperle
Teak-style floral patterns on your blank porcelain cup, as per Teresa’s advice, a quick turn in the oven at 150°C to congeal the designs and that’s it… tea time results guaranteed. (The Telegram/Gwen Rastol)

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