Questions about animal rights in 2021-2022 How the sport was revived

Questions about animal rights in 2021-2022 How the sport was revived

These events have been compiled into a file for the IOC’s attention. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has responded by recognizing the need for innovation in the sport.

The decision fell quickly: the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles (not yet held in Paris in 2024) will feature cycling in the pentathlon program instead of horseback riding.

“Society is changing, under the influence of associations like PETA, we are starting to think differently about things.” Note about this Gilles Goetghebuer This suggests that other animal-related sports may suffer the same fate.

For the most serious caregivers of animal cause, we must stop breeding. Columnist and Editor Zatopek And Sports & V He praises various PETA battles, hunting, intense fishing, poor breeding, and slaughter conditions … but he is confused about excluding animals from any sports training: “That means allowing the animals to return to an imaginary wildlife (…) The idea is not to use the animals for food, recreation or clothing. On the contrary, if we follow this somewhat stubborn direction, it will be the end of farms, villages and land. This is a real revolution and a big debate.”.

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