“Queen Elizabeth will answer the phone for only two people” Showbiz

"Queen Elizabeth will answer the phone for only two people"  Showbiz

RoyaltyFor years it was thought that Queen Elizabeth (95) had only telephoned through landline but now it has been revealed that she has a mobile phone. The MI6 is a very safe one, as royalty expert Jonathan Sasserdotti tells us.

“The Queen does not really believe in change. If she feels comfortable with something, she will continue to do so for years,” royalty expert Phil Damper told the Daily Mail earlier this year. He wanted to explain why, after all these years, the British Queen still uses a fixed telephone line.

But she seems to have switched to a cell phone in the meantime. The intelligence agency MI6 is one of the heaviest security to prevent hackers, ie. Said royalty expert Jonathan Sasserdotti. He had more details about the Queen’s cell phone use. “The Queen has two people who call her the most. By the way, she has a mobile phone, which is said to be Samsung. ”


“But the two people she calls most often are her daughter, Princess Anne, and her race manager, John Warren. He is the nephew of the late Duke of Carnarvon, a friend of the Queen. He lived in Heckler Castle, Berkshire, known to television viewers as Downton Abbey. Apparently there are two people who can reach out to the Queen anywhere in the world. She picks up when they call.

It is reported that the queen will also have her own Facebook page. “She has an iPod, a laptop and her own account on Facebook,” expert Brian Hoy revealed in 2017. “But I do not know exactly how many ‘friends’ she has in the palace.”

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