Queen Elizabeth must “rest.” No travel to Northern Ireland

Queen Elizabeth must "rest."  No travel to Northern Ireland

Rome, October 20, 2021 – Before Advise against his favorite martini. Now they sell Travel In Northern Ireland. The Queen Elizabeth II Must be at rest For a few days, “he declared Buckingham Palace, The Sovereign explains that he “reluctantly accepted medical advice.” Despite playing for 95 years, King was only there yesterday The award for the most famous elders was rejected. Always polite, but firm, she inspired the election by writing one. To recover the honor, his private secretary, Tom Ling-Beck, wrote: “Her Majesty believes that one is as old as one feels, and therefore does not believe that the Queen meets the relevant criteria for accepting it, so she hopes you will find a more suitable recipient.” You feel old. But now for her, too, the vintage of 1926 would be the occasion to hear it Doctors’ advice. Northern Ireland does not exist, so, in the case of a sovereign who is “disappointed” but in a “good mood”, inform Palazzo of the lost journey.

The daughter of George VI can be considered a special tradition Longevity in the family: From Husband Philip, who died at the age of 99, and Queen Amma, who died at the age of 102. By tradition, even Elizabeth had already surpassed all records. I saw her for that Walking with one for the first time Rod To public transactions a few weeks ago, It has no problems walking but you use it on the most uneven surfaces. at this time, The rest provided for a 95-year-old is limited to one person Precautions: Despite enjoying excellent health, in fact, the Queen has an age that, in some cases, drives her to slow down the very busy agenda of public appointments.

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But he can’t stop Elizabeth in front of himA season full of public commitment. Beginning with the International Conference Glasgow Weather CoP26, In the British Presidency, within two weeks. Then, go to the events leading up to the 2022 celebrations 70th Anniversary of the Ascension, The long-awaited Platinum Jubilee. So she only puts off small pleasures, because at celebrations she certainly will not be forced to give up her martini dry.

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