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Queen Elizabeth has only one TV set in the castle

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Prince this week Charles He meets young students in Northern Ireland, where a curious student asks an unusual question about Queen Elizabeth II: To find out how many televisions the 95-year-old king has.

According to Charles, there is only one TV to watch Mom’s favorite shows.

“I think there is one. Maybe one or two in another place, you never know. ”, He replied.

Charles’ revelation may seem surprising Queen Elizabeth resides on six properties throughout the year: Buckingham Palace in London, Hillsborough Castle in Ireland, Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, Balmoral Castle, Holyrood Palace in Scotland, Windsor Castle.

King is a fan of ‘Downtown Abbey’ and the British soap opera ‘Coronation Street’. It is rumored that they have seen some episodes of Netflix ” The Crown ‘series. It describes her life and the royal family.

According to the Daily Mail, if she really only had one television, she would not be the only member of the royal family.

Earlier this year, a photo of Princess Anne’s daughter’s living room was posted on social media, causing people to comment that it looks like a ‘very ordinary’ room.

In a tweet about the royal family’s official description, Princess Anne and her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Lawrence, are seen rugby watching: .Good game, Scotland! “

One Twitter user commented, “I think this is normal. This is not an art gallery, it is her home. The princess has more rooms and formal rooms for formal occasions; Watching TV is not one of them. ”.

Another user said: “I really feel this at home. I like a heap of books, ”he commented.

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Critical meeting

Prince Charles wants to meet Prince Harry when his son returns to the UK to inaugurate a statue of Princess Diana, who died in July.

Although he and the Duke of Sussex had a brief conversation during their stay in England for the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip, royal advisers pointed out that a new meeting should be scheduled for the future and not discussed at that critical time. Family.

According to royalty specialist Carolyn Davis, Charles is a practical man and wants to clarify the whole situation with his son.

“Obviously he will do his best for his family. Harry is his son and will not disappoint him for emotional reasons, but he will want to know all the intentions for the future,” Davis believes.

The biographer stated that this was not possible Prince William Attend this meeting, and Queen Elizabeth II.

“This will be a conversation between father and son about the future King and heir of England. Things may turn out to be a little more emotional, but Charles will definitely want to know if Charles will believe when he becomes King.”

The meeting is scheduled for the end of June, but when Harry returns to the UK. There are those who believe that the prince may not have attended the inauguration of the statue of his mother at Kensington Palace, because of the problems he still faces with his brother William.

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