Quantum Physics: Upside Down Comment

Quantum Physics: Upside Down  Comment

According to quantum physics, a dust cloud contains more particles than the stars in the universe. In the subatomic world, the principle of causation or the laws of nature as we know it do not apply. These particles can be in two different places at the same time, moving from one place to another and falling down without going through the middle. Although they were moving at incredible speeds, they were able to catch and handle them with optical tweezers in physics laboratories and play with them like puppets. Quantum physics is looking for absolute zero, and on that path to emptiness it will reach a point where time and space are confused, after which we can only move backwards. Undoubtedly, conquests in this subatomic world have practical applications, but one wonders if quantum physics can be applied to the human soul as well. Juan Ignacio Chirac, director of the Max-Planck Institute in Munich, One day she told her Galician grandmother: “Grandma, the same thing can happen in two different places at the same time. A cat can live and die at the same time.” Grandmother replied, “It’s very interesting what you say. If today everything is right and wrong and right and wrong, good and bad; If one feels alive and dead at the same time Schrംഗdinger’s cat; If you do not have the firm value to hold on when the world collapses around you; If there is no way forward but backward, it is proof that quantum physics has reached the depths of your soul, and it is not. Scientists can capture subatomic particles and play with them like puppets, so you should not be surprised if one day you find yourself walking upside down or upside down.

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