Qatargate, the seized money trail: Seized from Belgium. First hearing for the four arrested: The public prosecutor’s office will speak in the afternoon

Qatargate, the seized money trail: Seized from Belgium.  First hearing for the four arrested: The public prosecutor's office will speak in the afternoon

Belgian researchers adopted this approach.Follow the money‘, follow the money. Because they are The notes were seized By agents, total approx 1.5 million eurosIt can pave the way for them to understand from whom they have been materially received Qatar. A portion of the money seized from the houses Antonio Panzeri, Francesco Giorgi, Eva Kylie He writes on the trolley of the father of the former vice-president of the European Union Parliament Eveningthey were Withdrawn from banks in European countries. Information of primary importance because current account and identity can be traced using inquiries and statistics Who made the withdrawal?. The first hearing of the four arrested men took place before the Council Chamber of the Brussels Court. Eva Kylie, Antonio Panzeri, Francesco Giorgi E Nicolo Figa-Talamanca, to decide whether to prepare preventive measures other than arrest or to let them go. The Public Prosecutor’s Office will announce the decision of the magistrates later in the afternoon, based on what they have learned. For the former vice-president of the European Union Parliament, the decision was made Postponed to December 22 His lawyers demanded.

The investigation into the notes was initiated after it was found that many of these, which are now with the judicial authorities, are demonetised. the new, still wrapped in plastic, so from a firm. If you analyze them, you can find out FingerprintsIn the hope that these will be matched by the suspects and other people involved in the Qatar bribery scandal against MEPs yesterday and today, aides and members of NGOs, who have caused trouble. European Parliament.

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A theory on which Belgian magistrates operate is that there may be some MEPs ‘on the payroll’ To benefit the emirate. The searches were ordered by Milan magistrates in recent days, based on a European investigation warrant. Finance Guard.

For various reasons, we read that the investigations will take several weeks anyway, when the prime accused is interrogated. Corruption E Money laundering. Among them was Francesco Giorgi, the MEP’s Parliamentary Assistant Andrew Cozzolino Antonio Panzeri’s historian is considered the best handler of the whole story. Yesterday, according to various media reports, the man was A “The river is overflowing” Even if it was reconstructed, it would have provided new details to the investigators Printwould have taken full responsibility for what happened, claiming to be complicit Eva Kylie Apart from the story. Cozolino himself Autosuspeso The group in the morning Socialists and Democrats to the European Parliament, following his resignation in recent days as coordinator of training emergencies.

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