Putin’s security, feces and urine were collected by Russian intelligence. Here’s the reason

Putin esercito generale ucraina

Health of Vladimir Putin An important state secret: One of the escorts accompanying the Russian president abroad will be someone in charge of collecting and transporting his body in a suitcase. Mosca There is no indication left that can be given about His health.

Negligence from France

Science fiction? Not according to the ‘Paris Match’, which reveals details that no one has yet talked about in an article taken from several Ukrainian sites, including Ukrainiska Pravda. According to the tabloid, the “physical findings” of the President of the Russian Federation “contain vital information hidden for the future of the world”, so much so that his officials can ‘disguise’ any signs.

FSB in Saudi Arabia

According to the Paris match, this ‘exercise’ was first heard of in October 2019 after Putin’s visit. Saudi Arabia. As can be seen from the indirect sources, the subtle mission was controlled FsbThe Russian Federal Security Service is responsible for the security of Russian institutions.

An agent, according to reports, “put Putin’s excrement in a special bag and take it to Russia in a special suitcase”.


According to reports from the French periodical, this procedure also took place during his time Visit to France on May 29, 2017Any day Emmanuel Macron Adopted his Russian rival in Versailles.

In collaboration with Adnkronos

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