Putin: We will present our security proposals in the United States in a week

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia’s security proposals would be presented to the United States within a week.

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At a news conference following talks with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Sochi, Putin made some revelations via video link of his meeting with US Prime Minister Joe Biden on Tuesday.

Putin confirmed that he had discussed the issue with Russian President Biden, adding that other issues included in the talks were “positive” and that they were paving the way for further dialogue between Moscow and Washington.

Putin said he had agreed with Biden to continue discussing security issues by exchanging ideas between the two sides.

He added: “Russia will formulate its proposals in a few days, within a week, and then we will put them before the American side.”

Putin confirmed that he and Biden had discussed the conflict in southeastern Ukraine and “the expansion of NATO to the east, including through Ukraine, a subject of great concern to Russia.”

The Russian president added that the talks were one of the central issues related to ensuring Russia’s security in the future and even on the strategic horizons.

He added that Moscow was constantly assuring Western partners that this extension was unacceptable. “Of course, every country has the right to choose the most appropriate way to ensure its security, but it must be done in a way that does not harm its interests. It undermines the security of other countries, and here I mean Russia.

Cyber ​​security

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The Russian president said he had discussed in detail with Biden issues related to cyber security, and since the two presidents met in Geneva, both countries have made “significant progress” in this area.

He added that Moscow and Washington had succeeded in establishing a constructive dialogue on the issue and that it was now bringing “positive results”.

Putin: NATO’s approach is hostile to us

At a news conference, Putin responded to questions about relations between Russia and NATO by pointing out that the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Brussels, which led to the closure of the NATO mission in Moscow, was evidence of the alliance’s “unfriendliness”. At the very least, “the approach to Russia, where NATO declared Russia an adversary.”

Putin regretted this situation and stressed that Russia does not want to clash with any party.

Putin described the question as “provocative” when asked if Russia was planning an attack on Ukraine.

He said: “Russia is committed to a peaceful foreign policy, but it has a right to ensure its security, that is, as I have said, in the future and on the strategic horizon.

Source: Russian agencies

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