Putin blames dolphin for disappearance in Ireland

Putin blames dolphin for disappearance in Ireland


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Irish Senator Ned O’Sullivan has blamed Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, for the disappearance of a fungi dolphin from the port of Dingle in County Kerry, Ireland.

Of wake up With the Irish Post, the fungus disappeared about three months ago. “Many ulate that he may be dead, while others think he kept his distance, but another theory is unbelievably that it is Russia’s fault.”

“It could be Russians, it could be Putin,” Ned O’Sullivan suggested.

The use of location technology in Irish waters affects the movement of whales and dolphins, which some believe could be detrimental to marine life. Therefore, this is the explanation for the disappearance of the fungi dolphin.

The fungus dolphin hovers in the air. The fungus is one of the oldest dolphins ever recorded, at least 67 years old. Cetacean is one of the largest tourist destinations in Kieri, Ireland

Irish media ressed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had approved the increased use of this sonar system to “monitor the movement of British ships”.

However, the authors of the article themselves admit that Russia is responsible for the disappearance of the dolphin, which itself seems to be an “absurd” idea.

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