Pune Repose Energy Startup Success Story; Aditi Bhosale Valunj and Chetan Valunj along with Ratan Tata

Pune Repose Energy Startup Success Story;  Aditi Bhosale Valunj and Chetan Valunj along with Ratan Tata
New Delhi: Ratan Tata, CEO of Tata Industries Group, is a role model for many. Meeting Ratan Tata and his interaction is the dream of many youngsters. Such a quick call from Ratan Tata would be a dream come true.

Pune-based mobile energy distribution startup Repose Energy’s fortunes changed in an instant. Startup Repos Energy recently launched a mobile electric charging vehicle that handles organic waste. The founders of this startup, Aditi Bhosale Valunj and Chetan Valunj shared their first day experiences.

One day we got a call from Ratan Tata and our fate changed. Before this phone, Aditi and Chetan had a dream to be mentored by Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata.

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When we launched the startup, we shared a big post on LinkedIn. Ratan Tata had said that it would be good if he became a mentor. Aditi said that everyone responded that this is impossible. Yet we have not given up hope. We made a 3D rendering of the project and sent a letter to Ratan Tata. There was no reply.

We (Aditi and Chetan) reached Ratan Tata’s house. About 12 hours out of the house. But their visit failed and they returned disappointed. But the wait was not in vain. When I got back to the hotel, I got a phone call. A voice came from the other side. Hello, can I speak to Aditi? To which I replied I say who are you. About this someone else said, I am talking about Ratan Tata. I received your letter. can we meet

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Aditi said that it was the moment when a big dream came true. He also decided to meet Ratan Tata the very next day. We met with him for 3 hours. Since then Tata Group has made two investments in 2019 and 2022. Ratan Tata took an interest in the startup and invested in it, which took Repose Energy to the heights it is today. More than 3 years have passed since the incident, but the meeting and subsequent success of Rapos Energy has become a hot topic.

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