Psychology. Migraine, cold … Do you have a recreational illness?

Psychology.  Migraine, cold ... Do you have a recreational illness?

Headache, fatigue, fever, chills, muscle aches … these are the symptoms that appear when you stop breathing. They are announced systematically or almost at the beginning of your holidays and even on weekends.

Sure, you are not alone. The Dutch psychiatrist called these symptoms “leisure time illness”.

In a 2002 study of psychotherapy and psychosomatics, about 2,000 people participated, and 3% of them initially commented that they were suffering from “headache / migraine, fatigue, muscle aches, and nausea.” Rest period.

“In addition, viral infections (such as influenza and colds) are often reported during the holidays.”

These symptoms are mainly manifested in those with a “high workload” and in the manifestation of certain characteristics such as “inability to adapt to work conditions”.

Too much pressure

Do we see a real disease in these symptoms? Not sure: Moreover, no research has been done on this subject since the Dutch study.

On the other hand, these symptoms are an indication of stress overload and we do not get rid of it so easily.

If it is related to travel, it will gradually go away quickly and see its symptoms. But if he continues, it may be time to question himself.

Why is it difficult to move from job to job? Why is it difficult to disconnect? What are you afraid of when the machine stops? What gap can we fill by investing so much in work?

For everyone, the answer will be different. But the effects of stress associated with chronic work are common, and should be taken seriously.

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Health changes

The National Research and Safety Institute (INRS), which works to prevent accidents at work and at work, may experience physical (pain, sleep disturbances, abnormal sweating, etc.), emotional (pain), crying aggression, restlessness … or mental (concentration problems). , Difficulty in making ventures or decisions …).

When left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

Work-related stress is one of the heart’s greatest enemies. It is involved in some cancers and promotes depression and many other mental illnesses. “Resting disease”, really?

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