Psychologists have explained what the way you use mobile phones tells you about yourself

Psychologists have explained what the way you use mobile phones tells you about yourself

According to the study, women spend an average of 600 minutes a day on a mobile phone, while men spend 459. During that time they also send e-mails and social networks include tasks such as surfing and ‘scrolling’.

Did you know that using a phone can reveal a lot about your personality?

1. Check your phone periodically
According to the study, if you check your phone regularly and you are addicted to it, it can mean that you are excited. People who are more addicted to mobile phones are more likely to be emotional than those who use it less.

2. Do not overuse it
Research claims that people who use phones a lot have higher levels of stress. Stress reduces their satisfaction in life. Conversely, if you use the phone less, you will reduce stress.

3. Use the phone for more than an hour
This can be an indicator of depression. The frequency of phone use was found to be associated with higher depression symptoms.

4. Use after midnight
The study found that people who regularly use the phone after midnight are more likely to fall asleep. Because sleep deprivation affects our mood so much, it can make us more restless and anxious. People who are obligated and want to relax should stop using their mobile phones before midnight.

5. Wait for the phone to charge
Research has shown that this behavior is a sign of one’s organizational tendencies. Conscientious objectors do not like when their battery is empty, and for those who want to organize, the battery is always above 60%.

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6. Make and receive many calls
Research has shown that people who are more open than others are more likely to make phone calls. For this reason, evicted people are making and receiving more calls (even at night) and using communication apps more often, media report.

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