Psychological support in companies is inadequate

Psychological support in companies is inadequate

Although mental health requirements are worse than ever, few companies in Sagune have adapted to the pandemic context by offering more mental support to their employees.

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According to a survey by Sun Life, the mental health of one in two QBs (47%) is still adversely affected by the epidemic.

In the Sagunai Census metropolitan area, only 12% of employees surveyed said their employer provides adequate mental health benefits, with an average of 21% in Quebec.

Organizations fighting the stigma of mental health disorders are trying to make businesses aware of this reality.

“One-third of disability claims affect mental health,” said Nancy Baldac, executive director of the Association des Resources Alternative at Communicator N Sant My du Sagune-Lac-Saint-Gene.

“When you know that a dollar invested in mental health will bring a company two to four dollars, I think it’s important to introduce them. With better settings, it will be more convenient for employers to talk about it,” the second adds.

Difficult access to psychologists at the heart of the famine is an additional reason to work on prevention and offer resources in the workplace.

“The Ministry of Labor should extend the budgets for consultants, entrepreneurs, managers and consultants who come to their aid,” insists Eric Dufour, president of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneurship Committee.

In his opinion, psychological support is very essential for entrepreneurs in these difficult times.

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45% of entrepreneurs say they have mental health problems. Who handles it? Someone! If we do not deal with the problem upstream, we will go straight to the wall in Quebec, ”Mr. Dufour denounced.

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