PS Vita owners cannot use the PS Store for more than 24 hours

PS Vita owners cannot use the PS Store for more than 24 hours

However, due to the age of the console it flies under the radar PlayStation Vita owners report that Handhold’s PS store has now been completely demolished.. In fact, the problem persists for more than 24 hours, which means that fans will not be able to purchase or download previously purchased software for the system. We saw the reports Reddit And Reset era, And confirm that we can not download any title to our device.

The console made a bunch of different bugs, but the most common seems to be the NP-2245-3, which says: “Could not connect to PlayStation Network in time.” Transferring files from PlayStation 3 also doesn’t work, however new fans have found a job that includes access in the US. Older version of the web-based PS Store Currently running.

Sony has recently removed all PS3 and PS Vita games from all web-based storefront, and has asked fans to buy and download their games. Be sure to use the PS Store included with the consoles. Obviously, access to digital content on the device is currently impossible, as this functionality is now more than 24 hours long. As new games are still being released, this is just a bug, but we can expect it to be fixed soon.

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