Pryzak. A meeting with a young acclaimed poet-writer

Pryzak.  A meeting with a young acclaimed poet-writer

Writer, poet, journalist… Passing through Prysac with his family, he presented and read poetry in an evening at the restaurant Les Catouns on Thursday, August 11. Meeting with Gregory Rato.

Want to introduce yourself?

I am 37 years old, I come from Clichy-sous-Bois and I have been living in Romania for seven years now. Previously, I hosted film clubs at the Latin Quarter Film Library, La Pagode and the Saint-Germain Etoile Cinema in Paris. After graduating from the Sorbonne in screenwriting and directing, I taught film at Saint-Sulpice High School. I have written short and feature films in collaboration with actor Michael Lonsdale sponsored by filmmaker Benoît Jacot.

So seven years in Romania?

I spent a year first in Ireland and then in Lebanon, where I shot a Greek-made film. Arriving in Bucharest, Romania, I started as an editor in Media and today I lead Le Petit Journal.comFrom Bucharest with good visibility, only written in French.

How did writing and poetry come about?

good organization; It gives me time to write and write poetry. It was my first passion, at 17 I did a short film on Rimbaud.

How did this passion for writing come about?

A moment of life, I have already read a lot, literature has taught me a lot, taught me what life is all about. Poetry is a bit different and it helps me express the best part of me.

Are you recognized as a writer?

My first travelogue “Off Piste in Romania” translated into Romanian by Poliron was a huge success. My first novel “Noir de soleil” was published by Nadeau in 2020 and was selected for the France-Lebanon Prize, and the second novel “Le Voisin” will be published by Conspiracy Edition in 2023. My first collection “Conspiracy du Reel” was well received by critics and the poems appeared in about thirty magazines.

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A new collection, Conspiracy Editions’ “Nocturnal Imprecations,” is out November 8th, and a third is in preparation. Well settled in Romania, going back is very difficult, but who knows, maybe one day someone will offer me something to come back to.

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