Provincial 2 Dams (Brabant ACFF / Brussels): Royal Club Sportiff Nivellois’ light victory over FC Ireland Odergham, 2-1.

Provinciale 2 Dames (Brabant ACFF/Bruxelles) : courte victoire du Royal Club Sportif Nivellois face au FC Irlande Auderghem, 2-1

On the 20th day, Royal Club Sportif Nivelois beat FC Ireland 2-1 at home.

Important Note: This article is based on official data from URBSFA

Royal Club Sportiff Nivelois and FC Ireland Odergame for a Provincial 2 Ladies match (Brabant ACFF / Brussels) at St. Rain’s Astrid Complex, refereed by Thomas Tehux. The Royal Club Sportif Nivelos clashed successfully, winning the match 2 to 1.

“Irish” scored 83 with a goal from Sarah Kahya. Her team scored the final goal of the match in the 86th minute thanks to Manon Doxhelet.

Laura Rob received a yellow card.

Royal Club Sportiff Nivelois vs FC Ireland: Next matches

Royal Club Sportiff Nivelois will play 13th-placed RAS Scientois in the Championship on February 26 at 8pm at the St Raine Astrid Complex. Championship champions Femina White Star Volvo will face FC Ireland Odergame at Fallen Stadium on the same day at 6 p.m.

Game sheet

Royal Club Sportiff Nivelois – FC Ireland Odergame: 2-1 (0-0 at half time)
Kick off at St. Rain’s Astrid Complex, Feb. 19, at 8 p.m.

Written by Royal Club Sportiff Nivelois : Stephanie Dominic Paquet, Julian Benoit, Manon Daxchelette, Raquel Inarjo Flores, Sophie Demonso, Celia Desert, Laura Robin, Aurelie Reese, Audrey Strickcourt, Emily Kaiser, Eloise

By FC Ireland Odergame : Mariana Fissell Ferrugam de Noronha, Aicha Diallo, Angela Lella, Chloe Liradelfo, Sarah Kahya, Sandra Anderson, Francesca Catherine, Marilina Samit, Elena Rumenova Kirova-Valcheva, Sarah Cunningham, Rebecca DeSay

Objectives : Celia Desert (73rd SP), Sarah Kahya (83rd), Manon Daxchelet (86th)

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Warning: Laura Robin (90th) for Royal Club Sportiff Niveloise.

Players are not eliminated

Mediator : Thomas Tehux

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