Provinces in Eberswald: The short documentary “Ann’s Pub” takes you to Ireland – this is the opening film of the fair.

Dunkel und gemütlich: Ann Flannery in ihrem Pub in Athlone/Irland, dem Drehort für Thabea Furrers Dokumentation

It’s not a fancy bar, more of a dark cave. A cramped and rather dim corner restaurant, crowded with memories. But this is Anne’s world. “I don’t go out, I don’t drink. I’m the first and the last in the pub,” says the 52-year-old bartender, who took over the bar in Athlone in the heart of Ireland from her father and still runs it today – through all the ups and downs. The restaurant is their stop and their home – and a haven for a lot of quirky characters. Sometimes Ann has to compliment her rudely, sometimes she confidently defends herself: “I’m not the mother here, I’m the barmaid”.

Thiabia Führer, born in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1989, portrayed Anne Flannery and her bar in a short 25-minute documentary – it wasn’t always easy, sometimes bar visitors didn’t want to be filmed, muttering: “What’s Attenborough doing here?” Towards the camera. At times Ann is also not in a good mood about the fact that she struggled with eating disorders as a teenager. “The pub was my cure, so to speak. I had to work there. “

Now open “Ann’s Pub” On Saturday (October 8) this year’s provincial short documentary series in Eberswalde. What seems distant is a relevant topic everywhere: what places does a community need – and what does it take for these places to exist?

In the case of Ann’s Pub, it’s the music. Every Monday is Folk Evening – “We wouldn’t be here without the music”. But even in music, one doesn’t always survive – as one of the musicians, Martin O’Hara, is bedridden with cancer, the colleagues try to continue the concert program without him and send the recording to the hospital, which turns into a touching friendship. story. The film does not paint an ideal world or folk senses. But he talks about how people help each other in life. And good music.

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