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ProtonMail vs Tutanota, which is the best secure email in the world?

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The average user may not know these two emails, but as we say Two of the safest options we can find on the internet. These have their biggest promotion in security, as we will see shortly, and they offer their users more privacy options.

What does Protonmail offer?

The first option we are going to look at is ProtonMail. This secure mail Headquartered in Switzerland, it seeks to provide the user with a very simple experience similar to Google’s Gmail, but adds security levels that are beyond the scope of this other mail service. This service is offered Zero access end-to-end encryption, So even the platform can not see the content of the emails you receive or send. It is very important that it is located in Switzerland, we will see later.

If this encryption is not enough for you, messages in our inbox or that we send can be protected with a password, making it more difficult to intercept. Possibility is a very interesting feature for that Send self-destructive messages, One that works for emails we send to other ProtonMail accounts and any other email services. Of course, our data will also be encrypted in a way that is not easy for even the company to decrypt.

Protonmail service.

This service is also available Your own VPN service, One that is very complete and works well. With it we can access websites and services that are prohibited without a VPN, and the platform does not publish or sell our browsing history to third parties. Additionally, Protonmail uses the Tor Network to provide an anonymous email route that does not allow the user to identify their personal data or IPs. Using such a network will reduce the risk of attacks from cybercriminals, especially man-in-the-middle and DDoS attacks.

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This is Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun has in this case It is headquartered in GermanyHe is like his “opponent” End-to-end encryption It will secure our data. Contrary to what happens in proton mail, Tuton does not use PGP, it is a system for encrypting messages and information, which is very basic and used by most emails. Tutonota uses a PGP based but more secure system.

One of the most interesting things about Tutonota’s user level is that it allows us to create as many passwords as possible to access our account. It will not be sent to any server, But only one hash was sent (An algorithm that does not include that information). If we forget our password, the only way is to reset or recover it Use recovery codesThus eliminating other forms that offer services such as Outlook or Gmail.


As stated on the website of this service, its main purpose isProtect Journalists, Whistleblowers, Human Rights Activists and Citizens Around the World.

And the winner …

It is practically impossible to declare one of the two services as the absolute winner in this competition. ProtonMail and Tutanota offer mail services with a high degree of privacy They have very subtle differences., The truth is that both are two great options. Although these differences are small, it is difficult for them to succeed in one of these services.

Both services have paid versions, but No need to pay anything To enjoy the most basic versions of both emails. For example, Tutonota offers a user a free account with 1 GB of storage, limited search and a calendar when sending emails without restrictions. ProtonMail is less restricted in that sense, as it offers 1 GB per user, but has a limit of 150 messages per day and three labels and folders to configure mail.

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One thing we need to take into account, as we said earlier, is the service-based country. The privacy laws that apply to our data will depend directly on where our mail is located, and if we talk about these, it is clear that those in Germany are much stricter than those currently in Switzerland. In fact, the German country is governed by the European General Data Protection Regulation. Switzerland has its restrictions, but the truth is Both offer a high level of privacy.

Privacy settings on your Amazon account

Ensure the privacy of your data on both services.

To complete, two relevant details. The first is the storage of IPs, because at this point we need to say it Protonmail caches these addresses. In the event that the Swiss authorities declare that it is important to know them in order to solve a crime, Protonmail will be obliged to pass on that information (which did not happen to Tutonota). We’re going to find another one in spam filters Tutankhamun has something very basic Below the protonmail.

Having said all this, we can only add that both email services are the best you can find on the internet, and since both are free in their simplest versions, we recommend trying both. To see which one is best for you. Whatever you choose, your data will be very secure.

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