Protesters blocked part of the island with roadblocks

Protesters blocked part of the island with roadblocks

Stress is high in Saint-Martin. The two main axes of the French part of the island West Indian Blocked by road blocks since Thursday, residents and tourists are regularly victimized
Rocket To continue on their way.

The dams, located north and south of the island, force motorists and professionals to make major diversions through the Dutch side of the island. Prefect condemned “discriminatory practices”.

The words of the unbroken prefect

Since early September, the situation has been tense with clashes and disruptions. For Lenny Mussington, spokeswoman for the Demonstrators’ Collective, ” Unemployment, Poverty and Discrimination in Employment ”are the ingredients of the rage that has rocked the Sandy Ground and Quarter de Orleans areas since Thursday.

A spokesman said the noise activating these neighborhoods was born out of preferences made by Prefect during a press conference on October 22nd. Talks about the random siege organized to protest the establishment of the island Health passSerge Goutheron described those who tried to obstruct the roads as “petty dictators” and “smugglers”. “Instead of having a conversation (…), he chose another tactic, criminalizing young people, I would even say Saint-Martinois,” Lenny Musington said.

Concerned tourism professionals

In a press release, Prefect condemned the blockade efforts in the Quarter de Orleans and the Sandy Ground, denouncing actions that seriously tarnished the image of the island’s nickname “Friendly Island” and violated “essential values.” Tourism participants are concerned about the possible adverse effects of a tourist season that promises to be good after the difficult years of Hurricane Irma and the health crisis.

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