Protester seems unfazed by baton beating, pepper spray in wild movie

Protester appears unfazed by baton beating, pepper spray in wild video

A thick-skinned Portland protester seems to endure a flurry of police batons and pepper spray with no rarely a flinch — then offers cops a pair of center fingers as he turns his back to them and saunters off, wild video clip shot outside the town’s federal courthouse reveals.

Footage posted to Twitter reveals the burly masked protester in a Navy sweatshirt confidently stride away from cops even though giving them a pair of one-finger salutes immediately after having multiple blows to his system and pepper spray to his deal with.

The clip starts off with 1 officer shoving the demonstrator away, who refuses to budge amidst a backdrop of smoke and burning debris.

An additional cop then arrives more than, winds up and thwacks his still left arm and leg at the very least a few situations with a baton.

When that fails, the cops crack out the pepper spray — which at last does the trick of having the man to go away from the sidewalk.

The gentleman recognized himself as a “local veteran,” according to the Portland Tribune, whose reporter first posted the clip on Twitter.

The gentleman “remained rooted in place like an oak,” the community outlet remarked.

The unnamed protester told the Tribune the incident remaining him with a damaged knuckle and two damaged fingers.

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