“Proper equipment is not always at the door”

"Proper equipment is not always at the door"

They may soon get Irish help from BSC: Christian Holmes, Beau Scott, Coin van Rossam (left).


Rugby Second Division Club BS‌C Offenback will be collaborating with a private academy in Ireland in the future. First Division team RK Hussainstam, meanwhile, clearly lost a Test match against a league opponent.

Offenbach – Present 2. Called the Bundesliga, but the rugby division of the BSC Openbach (which turns 100 this year) continues to be a big thought. The goal is not only to return to the upper house in Ichwaldweig, but according to his own information, the club also has an eye on the nationwide development of the sport.

“If we want to build a strong rugby community in Germany, a short-term solution is to inject money into a single club,” said BSC player-coach Winston Cameron-Dow. “Young people need the right tools to grow, and sometimes they are not at their doorstep. We need to improve the quality of rugby in Germany as a whole. This is leading to real growth – rugby as a popular sport and for our national teams.”

That’s why Offenbachers have already signed a partnership with a private “rugby academy Ireland” with a rugby club in Lyon, the birthplace of their patron Dominic Arnold. Like its director Dan Van Zyl and Cameron-Dow, the South African once played for the national team, the Springbox. The goal is to “promote German rugby,” the club said in a statement. So the best young players from Ireland should get a chance to play senior rugby in Germany. Instead, young people from Germany are required to attend an academy in Ireland for up to eight months. The club announced that BSC’s sponsors would bear the costs. On request, the club did not comment on whether players from Ireland will play for the Openback next season.

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In preparation for the 2021/22 season, BSC will play a test match on August 21 at the high-class TSV Handshushheim in Heidelberg. First Division Club RK Hussainstam completes first Test In league rivals RG Heidelberg, four times after 20 minutes it was a clear 24:66 bankruptcy. Marcus Walger did not want to overestimate it. “This is the first game after a gap of one year,” the RKH president said. In addition, a person is forced to improve for a variety of reasons (vacation, work, illness, injury). On both sides of the team. Some (strong) strikers had to help in fast positions. Result: RKH often overtook. Alex Nahas (2), Patrick Weber and Gino Gennaro made four attempts for Husseinstam.

The next Test is scheduled for Saturday, August 14 (3 pm), followed by the Northern First Division Germany list from Hanover to Husseinstam.

RKH: Almeida, Nikita, Nahas, Gennaro, Paulheim, Barack, Parvez, Schwade, Reichert, Brower, Lehmann, Joswig, Schuster, Hillelson, Serrano, Schmidt, Seifert, Hahman, Use, Moreno,

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