Programs for remote access to any computer

Programs for remote access to any computer

Programs for remote access to a computer

There are many tools in our daily use. We are not the only ones talking Computer equipment Not just for work, but also on a personal level. We may have multiple computers, tablets, and mobiles … Sometimes we even want to remotely access a computer that can read documents or open files.

Remote work is more common. Many employees carry out their activities from anywhere without physical contact with the company. However, sometimes computer equipment needs to be accessed remotely. Hence the importance of having programs that allow us to manage without a computer.


It is one of the tools we can use to remotely access a computer AnyDesk. This is a very useful program and it runs very fast. Basically what this type of software requires is to avoid slow ones.

A Safe program, With TLS 1.2 encryption. It offers low latency and does not allow delays on most displays and connections. Besides, one very interesting thing we need to understand is that it is a multiplatform. We can use it on operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android.

We can get all the information and download it from your page official official web.


Another very interesting program for remote access to a computer Supreme. We can control a computer without having to be physically there. They emphasize ease of use on their website. They indicate that without quick access, there is no need to configure anything on the firewall or router level.

The interesting thing is that it allows you to install Multiple systems At the same time. We can manage multiple teams this way if needed. It offers secure and reliable transfer, chat, we can customize the interface and it is also a cross-platform for use on mobile devices and desktop computers.

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We can find everything on their website Information.


Team viewer

We face a classic of remote access. Team viewer This type of program offers a simple, complete and fully functional interface for regular use. It can be installed on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS or Android so it works on multiple platforms.

The connection established by TeamViewer is secure. It uses a common username, password combination and a unique number code to establish a link between the client and the server. Once logged in, we can do anything as if we were physically in front of that computer. The program is a fully paid version but is personalized for personal use.

We find everything on its website Information.

Damage to team viewer

Chrome Remote Desktop

With Chrome Remote Desktop We are also confronted with a widely used tool. Being able to remotely access a computer for personal or workplace use is very useful. In this case, it’s an extension available for the popular Google Chrome browser.

Chrome is very easy to use because it basically involves installing the add-on from the Chrome Store on both computers (both client and server). You need a Google Account. We can easily install it on any computer.

We can see all your data Web.

Chrome Remote

Splash Top

Another program that allows us to remotely control a computer Splash Top. We can install it on desktop and mobile computers so we can use it from anywhere.

SplashTop has a native and paid version. The first is more oriented for private users, and there are some limitations that we can avoid with the paid version, which is more aimed at commercial use. In it Web We found all the information.

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Real VNC

Real VNC It’s another interesting tool that we can count on for remote access to any computer. It is available in different versions and is free. We can also install it on Windows, Linux, MacOS and mobile devices. It has AES 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, and is very flexible.

The original VNC

In short, another service that can assist a remote team, for example. This is very useful in many cases. In it Web page We have all the information.

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