Professor Philip Nolan says it is wrong to say that NPET moved too early with the Level 5 lockdown

Professor Philip Nolan says it is wrong to say that NPET moved too early with the Level 5 lockdown

Professor Philip Nolan said it was wrong to suggest that the NPH had moved too early in recommending the Level 5 lockdown.

Level 3 measures taken before Level 5 stabilized the spread of Kovid-19 – but did not reduce it, said NPEET’s Epidemiological Modeling Advisory Group Chair.


Gardai Level 5 travel restrictions have been in place for more than two weeksAttribution: PA: Press Association
Professor Nolan justified the recommendation of Level 5 NPET


Professor Nolan justified the recommendation of Level 5 NPETAttribution: PA: Press Association

Just two weeks into the Level 5 restrictions, Kovid-19 rates fell nationwide.

Speaking RTE Radio 1Professor Nolan said: “It is wrong to suggest that this is the result of Level 3 measures.

We have a lot of information from Dublin, Donegal and the country that Level 3 measures stabilize the disease and stop it from growing. But they are not diminishing.

“What happened here is that in a week or ten days before the Level 5 presentation, people voluntarily cut off their own social connections and realized what was coming, I think.

Professor Nolan said the impact of Level 5 is now beginning to show – and has finally subsided Dublin.

Capital rates are falling

The professor explained: “We are beginning to see the real impact of the Level 3 restrictions, again and again on the additional impact of Level 5 on the voluntary behavior of people, which is one of the notable things about where we are now.

“Dublin has been under Level 3 or strict control since early September, yet the case numbers in Dublin are higher than at that time.

“They are declining now, which is really good news, and it is not uncommon for a capital city to explode.

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“It is clear to us that there is a direct and obvious link between the level of social contact and the nature of the virus.

“People do what they have to do, that’s the main message.”

XMAS low contacts

Health officials are trying to achieve this, the professor said The level of corona virus is as low as possible Before the end of the lockdown on December 1st.

He said he was analyzing how the country could be reopened in the best possible way during the Christmas period and what conditions were high and low risk.

He added that there should be less discreet indoor social contacts for the public. Level 5 raised.

He said: “What we are doing now is we have as little virus levels as we can in six weeks?

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He added: “But beyond December 1, the important thing is to make sure that the spread of the virus continues to decrease.”

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