Professional traders, food feeds the risk appetite

Professional traders, food feeds the risk appetite

Explore the social, neural, and metabolic systems that underlie the human decision-making process and, scientifically speaking, discover the relationship between “body and mind”. This is the goal set Seattle, An Italian company for technical analysis, launches a new project Aiming to promote in collaboration with top researchers, renowned Italian and international institutions and universities. New knowledge and innovation Approaches to the world of technical-quantitative analysis, Finance and more. A research that provides a new way to work in the economic field. “Sociobioma: Motor food for the mind” Through investigation Microbiota, Enabling the extension of technical analysis to the human race for the first time.

CEAT has been studying financial markets for over thirty years, using algorithms, statistical, quantitative analysis, and graphical models, and implementing artificial intelligence support, behavioral finance, and neuroeconomics. “The task of Ziyat – explains President, David Bulgarelli – Our challenge in the future is to come up with the financial world at this new stage of growth by launching and undertaking. All these years – he continues – We have achieved excellent results and organized ventures that have contributed to the development of significant developments in the world of finance and the economy. This year we want to go one step further and commit ourselves to a very innovative experiment: to analyze how the microbiota, the intestinal flora, and the immune system influence an individual’s financial and economic choices ”.

Thank you for your partnership with leading interdisciplinary researchers such as Eric Gursi, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of the French Riviera, Francesco Papalio, Senior Researcher in the Neuroscience Area at the Italian Institute of Technology, John F. Crayon, Professor and Chair, Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience, University College Cork; Soong Q Park, Joint Professor of Neuroscience and Decision Nutrition at the University of Berlin (Center for Neuroscience Research Center), German Institute for Human Nutrition (DIfE – Leibniz Alliance).

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In recent years the focus has shifted instead The third component is the “intestinal microbota”.. Today It is possible to analyze how intestinal malnutrition and its interaction with the immune and central nervous system affect the risk of professional traders, who are more prone to risky behaviors from their own jobs, compared to asset managers, who are rather more prone to risk attitudes. There will also be a perspective on the public.

Two days – Trading Day Campus E Academy (On June 24th and 25th) At the San Siro Hippodrome, Milano, Will be the test bed of a set of computer tests that respect the established protocols and standards of experimental and behavioral economics. Participants will face multiple experimental computer sessions. Biological samples of participants will be collected here and analyzed by the PCC Microbiome Institute in Cork, Ireland and the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa.

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