Prof. on the defection of MPs. Hristova: Ugly, unprincipled, defies all logic

Проф. Христова за дезертирането на депутати: Мръсно, безпринципно и против всякаква логика -

The political psychologist said that the fight against corruption is the biggest lie sold to the Bulgarian electorate.

“Ugly, unprincipled and against all political logic. The same seems to be the case with people’s representatives who change political positions. The fight against corruption is the biggest lie sold to the Bulgarian electorate. The problem is worldwide, the question is what specifically are you doing to deal with it”. Political psychologist Prof. This is what Antonetta Hristova told BNR.

She termed the view that an early election would throw the country into chaos and that it would be better to form a government as a “dirty and irresponsible mantra”.

“The coalition that has ruled us so far has led us backward, not forward. The product produced weighs on these boys and girls and is not of good quality. They have no experience or knowledge of politics. Some kind of purification and legitimacy of those in Parliament is better,” she added.

Prof. said that the engagement between GERB and PP after the new elections will leave the voters extremely disappointed. Hristova added:

“The American Embassy will advance this engagement because of the Euro-orientation, because of the values ​​that can bring them together. There is something said in politics – in such a situation you may have to lend a hand, so don’t kill yourself, don’t tear yourself apart. Such a situation would be dangerous. Very irresponsibly, PP and DB with GERB Borisov has not cut ties with anyone, and he lends a hand easily.

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