Prof. Dr. Chuan Fallow 2 astronomical phenomena, ending April 26, “Sunset in Bangkok”, April 27, “Super Full Moon”.

Prof.  Dr.  Chuan Fallow 2 astronomical phenomena, ending April 26, "Sunset in Bangkok", April 27, "Super Full Moon".

The National Institute of Astronomical Research (Public Organization), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation invites you to follow the two phenomena of “Sunset in Bangkok” at the end of April 2021, preparing city dwellers without shadow. Monday, April 26, 2021 at approximately 12:16 pm, “Full Moon. Closest to the World in a Year” or Super Full Moon Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 10:25 pm.

By the end of April, the head of the Astronomy Service, Dr. The Sun says there are two interesting astronomical phenomena:

At 12:16 pm on April 26, 2021, “the sun sets in the Bangkok area” at which time the shadow falls directly under the feet, and in April – May the sun first orbits in a position perpendicular to Thailand. Starting on April 4, 2021 in Yala Province from the southern tip of the country. The sun then moves vertically northward. On May 22, 2021, the northern tip of Thailand in the Mae Sai District of Chiang Rai Province will be approximately 12.17 hours vertical. Vertical solar phenomena can be found in all 77 provinces of Thailand.

Thailand’s position near the equator is 5-20 degrees north of latitude, and the sun passes near the overhead point as a result of one year. Or when you stand in the sun during that day and time you will see the shadow of the body lying directly under your feet twice perpendicular to the area. Not tilted to one side Each region has different orbital periods and each province in Thailand so the next time the sun is seen passing overhead is the next time the sun sets against Bangkok on August 16, 2021 at around 12:22 PM.

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The sun is perpendicular to the earth to receive the full amount of energy from the sun. But is the temperature the highest or not? It depends on many factors such as rainfall, clouds and monsoon influence. The atmosphere heats up, and the days when the sun is vertical are not always the highest.

Shree is another promising phenomenon, the “closest moon to Earth in a year” or Super Full Moon (Super Full Moon) on Tuesday 27 April 2021 at 22:25. The closest point to Earth in a year is 357,370 km. At night, the full moon appears slightly larger than usual.

The Moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical orbit for about a month, so each month it is located in the nearest Perigi, with an average distance of 356,400 km and the farthest point called the “Perigee” with an average distance of 406,700 km. It is a common occurrence that can be explained by scientific principles that people on Earth see a full moon on the surface of the earth larger than the normal moon.

Therefore, interested parties are invited to follow 2 phenomena at the end of April for photography lovers “Sunset in Bangkok”, “Full Moon on Earth’s nearest full moon of the year”. This is a good opportunity to capture images of both of the above phenomena.

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