PRO14: Zebras fly to Ireland with 5 rookies

PRO14: Zebras fly to Ireland with 5 rookies

The team selected by head coach Michael Bradley for the away match in Munster is a team with many new features.

Thanks for the absence of more than 20 athletes (including Azuri from the Autumn Nations Cup)

The venue for these young promises is one of the most glorious: the Sebras Red Army will look forward to Monday, November 30 at Thomont Park in Limerick, the theater of one of the world’s rugby temples of 1978, the 1978 home team’s historic victory over All Blacks. The 16th match of the tournament’s Group B match against opponents – scheduled for 9.15pm Italian time on the Dass screen.

Considering the match against the Irish – six wins early this season and unbeaten after one match – multi-colored technical staff Genoese winger Pierre Bruno is recovering, but Bonnie, Castilio, Di Giulio and Giorgio Marioli will be in contention for last Sunday’s match and five finals between training.

With the rest of Bello and Rizzi (on the pitch from the first moment of the last four games), many of the Peroni Top 10 captains entering the tournament list have the opportunity to show their value, with the average age being under 25 years.
Captain Alessandro Mordachi will arrive from Valorgi Emilia on Monday evening. The 22-year-old Parma native has already made his Guinness PRO14 debut: the former Azure took over on the second half of the Belfast match against Ulster on February 23, 2019.

It’s not even a debut for Ricardo Calvisano’s prop Ricardo Brugnara, who has already appeared four times with Zebri, and will be deployed for the first time on the first 15th. Second line Gabriel Wendy also comes from the Brescia club, who called for Lanelli’s away match three weeks ago but did not enter the pitch and collect his first appearance with the federal franchise.

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Four players of Fiam Oro rugby will fly to Limerick, all near the first cap with multicolor. Among them, two of the club’s old acquaintances: two n ° 9 Simone Marinaro and Alessandro Fusco are allowed to play in the 2019/20 season (first) and 2020/21 (second). The third line from Arezzo Andrea Chianuchi and the center / wing of former Azurini and Abruzzo Alessandro Forcusi join the away game.

“The Zebrey Rugby Club would like to thank Vale Rugby Emilia, Rugby Calvisano, Fiam Oro Rugby and the State Police for their availability and effective cooperation on this occasion.”

Jersey n n 17 for Andrea Lovotti will start off the bench on Monday evening after three consecutive matches. If he enters the field, he will cross the finish line of the Azzurro 100 caps 43 times. Prop from Piacenza joined the team in the summer of 2014 after Andrea de Marchi, Guglielmo Palasani, Dario Chistolini, Olivio Fabiani, Jorge Biogi and Giulio Bisegni.

Olivero Fabiani is also on the cusp of an important record: if he takes charge in the run-up to the race, the Roman Hooker (included in the formation as an additional third row) will become the ninth Assuro with at least 100 caps at the Celtic Championships, having entered the special rankings since 2010. To date, it has entered the chronology of Ludovico Nitoglia, Valerio Bernabe, Alberto de Marchi, Tito Tebaldi, Alberto Sagarbi, Jorge Biogi, Andrs von Schalvic and Guglielmo Palasani.

Formation of zebras:

15. Junior Laloifi (15)
14. Giovanni di Onofrio (7)
13. Giulio Bisegni (104) (Cap)
12. Enrico Luchin (13)
11. Pierre Bruno (16)
10. Pollo Peseto (4)
9. Alessandro Fasco (0) Permit Player of Fiam Oro Rugby
8. Lorenzo Maselli (12)
7. Alessandro Mordachi (1) invites the player of Valorgi Emilia
6. Mick Kearney (20)
5. Leonard Krumov (50)
4. Gabriel Wendy (0) invites a rugby Calvisano player
Alexandre Tharas (12)
2. Marco Manfredi (17)
1. Ricardo Brugnara (4) Permit player of rugby Calvisano

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16. Massimo Siciliani (32)
17. Andrea Lovotti (99)
18. Matteo Nocera (6)
19. Andrea Chianuchi (0) invites a Fiat Oro rugby player
20. Olivio Fabiani (123)
21. Simone Marinaro (0) invites Fiam Oro rugby player
22. Alessandro Forkucci (0) invites a Fiat Oro rugby player
23. Jamie Elliott (36)

Everything. Michael Bradley

Injured: Icopo Bianchi, Tomaso Bonnie, Paulo Boonfiglio, Nicola Casillo, Tomaso Castello, Gabriel Di Giulio, Renato Giamarioli, Ian Nagel, Samuel Ortiz, Giovanni Licata, Joshua Renton, Jimmy Tuiti

Nationally: Luka Bigi, Mattia Bellini, Carlo Cana, Danilo Fishetti, Maxim Embande, Johan Meyer, Federico Mori (permit player), Guglielmo Palasani, Daniel Rimpelli, David CC, Christian Stone (permit player), (Permit player) , Geosu Silochi.

Referee: Ben Whitehaws (Welsh Rugby Union)

Assistant: Andrew Brace (Irish Rugby Football Union) E Igan Cross (Irish Rugby Football Union)

TMO: Joy Neville (Irish Rugby Football Union)

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