PRO14 Highlights: Ulster-Munster (R10). Northern Irish still undefeated!

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Ulster Collect another win! Lots of consistency in the first half and more balanced competition in the second half

Another great performance by Ulster, who is already starting to impress from 6 ‘. The Oval moves fast, and Fades controls the Oval provided by Stoke Dale on the final pass. However, the marking did not change and Munster needed just 12 ” three points to stay fully in the game (5-3).

Four minutes later, with an awareness from Billy Burns, Ulster returns to the goal, with the defense open on the side of the field and putting up a surgical soccer kick; McIlroy scores by diving over the line. Cooney transforms and hits the posts even 28 times when kicking from the pitch for a free kick.

After the Yellows in the Netherlands, Munster were on the sidelines to keep in touch with the opposition throughout the second half. He will have to spend extra time to find his place, and the match will be over 80. At 81, ‘Ulster loses a man and Munster uses his chance to score a goal at 83’, thanks to McCarthy, who keeps the Oval alive with a goal-breaking sweet name (15-10).

Ulster (15) = M: Faddus (6); McIlroy (16) T: Cooney (17) P: Cooney (28) C: Reed (80 ‘+ 1)
MUNSTER (10) = M: Sweeten (80 ‘+ 2) T: Crowley (80 ‘+ 4 ′) P: Healy (12) C: Holland (yellow 58)

PRO14 Highlights: Ulster vs Munster (15-10) (10-10) (2.1.2021)

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