PRO14 Highlights: Scarlets-Leinster. Another great success for the Irish!

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Leinster Park y Scarlett suggests and scores six goals! Byron is a sniper from the pitch!

Scarlets e Leinster Recover’s match8 ° Rs It was scheduled to take place over the weekend from November 29 to 30, 2020. This is an upcoming match, perhaps even if the Welsh would have preferred not to play.

Leinster always shows a strong presence on the pitch, but Scarlett’s al 36 I’m still totally in the game (13-17). Al 40 However the Leinster expansion begins and marks the end of the first half 13-24.

In Second half Don’t stop Irish and score The other three destinations, And then slow down in the final as Dunn loses one by one Yellow at 75 ‘ The Scarlets use the opportunity to end the match with a sign. This is the third goal for the Dragons, which brings the score to 25, but it’s very low compared to the 52 points assigned by the host formation!

Scarlets (25) = M: Black (18); Homer (63); O’Brien (78) T: Costello (19); O’Brien (78) P: Costello (2, 33) C: Cassium (Giello 35)
LEINSTER (52) = M: Levy (16); Tracy (22); Kelleher (40); McGrath (54); O’Reilly (66); Hawkshow (72) T: Byron (17, 23, 40 ‘+ 1, 54 ′, 67 ′, 73) P: Byron (30) C: Dunne (Yellow 75)

PRO14 Highlights: Scarlets vs Leinster (25-52) (R8 by 8) (30.1.2021)

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