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PRO14 Highlights (R12): Glsgow-Ulster (13-19)

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Video – Glasgow-Ulster Highlights. Another victory for the Irish, but a yellow puts them in danger!

Even if you have to consider the absence of a national team consisting of six countries, the Irish are giving a show that is more inclusive this time around than we see.

So you have to wait 35 ‘to see the first points, but the Irish goal came in a tidal wave and the Glasgow defense was helpless. They later played on the 55th and 62nd.

The Scots seem to have lost control of their playing field, with only two places in between. At 74 At Mathewson, a yellow Glasgow goal gives them the chance they were looking for, and a minute later they cross the goal line, but still score the final points of the match (13-19).

Glasgow (13) = M: Ziuli (76) T: Thomson (77) P: Hostings (36, 50)
Ulster (19) = M: Lori (39); Gilroy (55); Timony (62) T: Cooney (40, 63) C: Mathewson (yellow 74 ‘)

PRO14 Highlights Glasgow vs Ulster (13-19) (12 to 12) (19.2.2021)

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