Pro-Trump protesters storm Capitol Hill, disrupting Biden’s congressional confirmation session

Donald Trump supporters arrested for assaulting Congress lawmakers arrested by law police Photo: Drew Anger / AFP

WASHINGTON – One of the most tense days in U.S. history, Donald Trump supporters stormed Congress and held a session to confirm Joe Biden’s victory in the November presidential election. Before the first gas bombs exploded inside and outside the building, Trump, who has a strategy of staying in office, was targeted by harsh statements from two Republican leaders.

It starts with Vice President Mike Pencil playing a ceremonial role in the confirmation process. Trump wanted to reject the results of the Electoral College and re-elect him. But before the session, Pence was adamant in denying the possibility.

“The founders of our country had strong doubts about the centralization of power and created a republic based on the division of power (…). Giving the Vice President unilateral power to decide presidential disputes would be totally against this plan,” he said. Vice President, in a letter.


Minutes after the session began – it turned out to be a marathon of hours, as usual, instead of a purely protocol practice – the Republicans introduced the first question related to Arizona.

Senators Ted Cruz from Texas and Paul Goser from Arizona opposed the confirmation from voters, which happened early in the session – Arizona is the second state on the list after Alabama.

When a question arises, the certification will be interrupted for two hours, and Congressmen will discuss the case on a case-by-case basis and finally vote. During the debate, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made a strong speech in favor of making Biden’s official victory, saying that if Republicans rejected it, it would do irreparable damage to American democracy.

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“This will be the most important vote I have ever taken,” McConnell said. – We cannot declare ourselves as an anabolic national selection committee. Voters, courts, and states all spoke. Everyone talked. If we reject this, we will destroy our republic forever.

In addition to Arizona, at least two disputes are expected, and there could be as many as six.

Georgia Senator Kelly Loffler intends to question the outcome of her condition; Missouri Senator Josh Howley had planned to oppose the Pennsylvania list.

All questions are considered failures in the face of opposition from both parties.


Thousands of pro-Trump protesters outside the building repeated the president’s speech and pressured Congressmen to accept a pro-Republican exit. The atmosphere was tense from the beginning of the day, and in the afternoon a group attacked the Congress building. The session was adjourned and Vice President Mike Pence was taken to a safe place.

– That’s what you got! – As he walked out of the Plenary, Senator Mitt Romney said he had addressed colleagues who supported Trump’s attempt to invalidate the results of the Electoral College, the New York Times reports.

Donald Trump supporters arrested for assaulting Congress lawmakers arrested by law police Photo: Drew Anger / AFP

Some of the protesters who attacked the building were armed and even entered the plenary sessions of the Chamber and the Senate. Parts of the building were destroyed and police opened fire on some of the attackers. Members of Parliament, Congress officials and journalists were taken to safer places. On the charter side, on January 20, parts of the stage owned by Biden were damaged.

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In light of the situation, Washington City Hall has imposed a curfew across the US capital, which is valid until 6am on Thursday (until 8am Brazilian time). Only city designated personnel, including accredited journalists and essential service workers, can disseminate at this time.

Police use pepper spray against Donald Trump supporters who tried to attack Congress on Wednesday Photo: Stephanie Keith / REUTERS
Police use pepper spray against Donald Trump supporters who tried to attack Congress on Wednesday Photo: Stephanie Keith / REUTERS

The protest was called on social media and tried to put pressure on Republicans Support the President’s initiative To invalidate the results of the Electoral College which has no legal provisions in the country. Now, this work is with thousands of people.

Trump supporters flock to Joe Biden's inauguration rally to protest Democrats' victory in presidential election Photo: STEPHANIE KEITH / REUTERS
Trump supporters flock to Joe Biden’s inauguration rally to protest Democrats’ victory in presidential election Photo: STEPHANIE KEITH / REUTERS

In an earlier speech, Donald Trump justified his followers for focusing on Congress to put pressure on deputies and senators, promising to be “with them” without specifying whether to participate in the legislation. In the run-up to the vote, Washington officials tightened security in the city, including with the support of the National Guard, warning employees to avoid concentrating on Trump supporters.

Already in the midst of confusion, President Trump has made two publications on Twitter: one attacking Deputy Mike Pence, refusing to comply with his orders and invalidating the votes of the Electoral College (“Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what he had to do to protect our country and the Constitution”), and to act peacefully. However, he never condemned the Congress’ attack.

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