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The discussion in the clubhouse is in the dust. The debate over ‘clubhouses’ is also heating up. On the other hand, there is an active debate on the Tamilization of the club house name. So, there is no doubt that this processor has received a good response among Indians. We need to think about the background of why it is so popular.

‘Did you join the clubhouse?’ Asking or saying ‘meet me at the clubhouse’ is what many people say in social media conversations. Because of this excitement, even those who do not yet know clubhouses are interested in the internet. Why is ‘Clubhouse’ so popular in India at an introductory pace?

An attractive feature of the ‘Clubhouses’ service is the opportunity to create sound rooms and engage in conversation in the clubhouse, as well as the opportunity to enter the desired rooms and participate in the discussion without borders in the chat room.


However, instead of scrutinizing the reasons for the success of ‘clubhouses’, it would be appropriate to discuss why our people are interested in this service.

This is because the turmoil caused by the western ‘clubhouses’ has subsided and questions have been raised about the potential for continued development of the service. It was in this context that the wave of ‘club houses’ began to sweep the lowlands, including India.

Criticisms have been raised that nothing new is possible after the initial launch of the ‘Clubhouses’ service and that even at the introductory stage it has strategically evolved into a balloon without achieving normal growth.

‘Clubhouse’ is said to have introduced a processor for iPhones, a processor that can only be used on call, giving it a unique character and attracting attention.

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Tesla co-founder Ellen Musk and Facebook co-founder Zuckerberg appeared in the room and discussed the innovative feature of the social audio service that allows conversations only.

It has been criticized that investors have taken advantage of these features to invest money and develop it in a hurry.

What is the Privacy Policy?

In addition to these, the most important thing to note is the reviews on the privacy and data management of these processor users. It may come as a shock to learn that this processor was released without a privacy policy at the time of its introduction.


Moreover, the processor is said to have managed the users using clever design techniques (these are called dark patterns). In addition, the algorithm expanded the web and made the service more popular with users.

Likewise, users naturally do not need the ‘Clubhouses’ service. There is an opinion that they were subjected to that condition without knowing it.

Clubhouse later released a privacy policy that says user data is not protected. It has no ‘encryption’ backup, except that the conversations in it are recorded first. The conversations were reportedly sent to a Chinese company for storage.

They also allege that access to the cell phone contacts of ‘clubhouses’ users is compromised. Users are said to send information to the contacts even if they do not want to call the contacts.

Although access to contacts has been limited to some extent since the initial complaint, the privacy of users is still a concern. The fact is that users do not have complete control over their hands.

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They say there are not enough restrictions on dealing with disturbances in clubhouse rooms. Despite all these criticisms in the US a few months ago, the company did not pay much attention to countries including India and focused on expansion and growth.

Why the distance?

‘Clubhouses’ introduced on Android phones has been well received in India. Although many people use clubhouse innovatively, why do Indians take a processor so aggressively when there are complaints about privacy breaches?

Although major processors, including Facebook, have been accused of privacy breaches and data collection, technicians are asking how a new processor can figure out how to make old mistakes without learning any lessons from these discussions.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Whatever the strategy of the clubhouse, the question we have to ask is why this processor was reliably accepted without question.

When a processor goes viral, why bother without thinking about the basics of that processor, privacy protection, and user control features?

How many people have read the terms and conditions of the clubhouse? Did you know that you can not get out of that processor completely? How do you know this processor is said to be banned in China?


What’s new in ‘Clubhouses’ service? – It sets itself up as a social media extension of the Internet radio service Podcasting. Through podcasting you can run your own radio service and speech services. Why is the only attraction in this inactive clubhouse?

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Also known as YouTube for audio SoundCloud This service also allows you to upload audio and chat. It should be noted that users may have more control and independence over these services.

What is the reason why our people who are blind to services like podcasting and sound cloud are stuck in ‘clubhouses’ service?

Why so much … even in our country ‘LehrThe processor has been providing this feature for a number of years. The Singari processor recently launched a service called Fireside.

Despite the many questions like this, what does it mean to be united in it without even trying to match it to a processor? Do you think this processor has become the lord of what is meant by ‘fear of losing’ which is considered to be the primary strategy?

When a new service or processor is introduced, what is its nature? What use is it? Already have similar services? What do we get out of using it? – Such questions need to be asked.

Leading Internet companies, including Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter, use our data to generate advertising revenue. Now is the time for us as consumers to be more careful as there is a lot of criticism on the activities of these companies.

Introduce services such as ‘clubhouses’. Let them cultivate innovation and respect for their customers. It is our responsibility as companies to understand this.

– Cyber ​​Simmon

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