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Princess Latifa: Former Irish President regrets Dubai shake-up visit to Royals

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The fate of Princess Latifa (36) is moving the world. The daughter of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is captured against her will after her failed attempt to escape three years ago. As evidence, Latifa had already filmed several videos from prison with the help of a smuggled smartphone.

For the past few weeks the British government has been expressing great concern to the princess. Now joined by former Irish President Mary Robinson (1990–1997) – there are reports of guilt over her visit to Dubai in 2018, the year Latifa’s attempt to escape failed.

In an interview with Irish Public Broadcaster RTE on Friday evening, Robinson said that going to Dubai for dinner in the presence of Princess Latifa in 2018 was his biggest mistake and that he was not too careful about the situation the princess was in.

The Latifas family later cited the encounter as evidence that the princess had not been taken hostage against her will. Robinson, a one-time UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, described Latifa (now 36) as “a young woman with problems”.

She later told the British BBC that Latifa had been persuaded to believe she had bipolar disorder. She did not want to talk to him about possible traumatic events.

Robinson believes the princess is “100 percent”

Robinson now says he was innocent. They now trust the “100 percent” princess. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Covni was contacted about the case.

In mid-February, the video recordings were re-advertised, in which Latifa was said to have acted on her father’s instructions. According to her friends, the videos were secretly made in a toilet. Friends posted the videos because they said they had no symptoms of life for months.

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But the ruling party in Dubai countered the serious allegations with its own version of its story: Latifa was cared for by her family and medical staff at home. The BBC quoted a family member as saying: “She is recovering well and we hope she will return to public life in time.”

In February 2018, Latifa tried to leave Dubai with a rubber dinghy and a boat. Her friends reported that a special force had stopped them and forcibly brought them back from the Indian coast. Latifa’s older sister was abducted from Cambridge and taken to Dubai in 2000.

Last year, a British court found Sheikh Mohammed responsible for abducting his two daughters and threatening one of his wives as part of a divorce proceedings.

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