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Princess Eugenie explained to the wedding guests about the size of the house

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Meeting your friend’s family is a specialty of any wedding, and you’ll see where your friend gets all their weird jokes, sense of humor and looks.

However, sorry for any royal wedding guests getting a little nervous approaching the family table, because the Queen and the heirs to the throne are cutting their wedding cake.

But guests at Princess Eugene’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank in 2018 revealed that Monarch was actually a lot of fun at the reception, and everyone told a funny joke about the size of her house.

The couple untied the windshield at St. George’s Chapel before going to a private lunch reception away from the cameras hosted by the Queen, the bride’s grandmother.

The royal family was in effect at the wedding of Princess Eugenie

Those lucky enough to be included in the star-studded guest list enjoyed that urious luxury meal, and many had the opportunity to chat with the Queen.

Pixie Geldof chats about the celebrations during a podcast with fashion designer Henry Holland, What do you think?

She said: “I did not see her, but she said, ‘Well, I have a house large enough to accommodate all these guests.’

Pixie was a guest at a wedding with her husband, George Barnett

“She’s full of LOL. She’s funny. She’s like, ‘Welcome to my house.’

Pixie also explained that she had a completely embarrassing moment during the day, which saw her travel in front of a group of other guests.

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She said: “I fell at one point and it was sorted, but not on the floor.

“And not drunk – not drunk.”

The Queen hosted the granddaughter’s wedding reception

Pixie and Henry discussed her day dress, stunning pink dress and matching hat.

Although you would think that a celeb would spend months for a big celebration, she agreed that it was not.

She explained that the dress was actually “borrowed celine number”.

Bombell left at Eugene's wedding
Eugene and Princess Jack Brooksbank were married on October 12, 2018

Eugene and Jack’s wedding took place at the same venue Megan Markle And Prince Harry Within a few months after them.

However, their second royal wedding this year was a big one, their closest and dearest multi-day party.

With the Queen’s reception on Friday afternoon, shortly after the ceremony, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson hosted the Windsor Lodge at their home.

Marriage of Princess Eugenie

But the next day there was no room for a sore head, and the bride and groom held another party on Saturday, but insiders said it was a more recaptured event.

A source told Vanity Fair: “After a more formal formal celebration at Windsor Castle, Bash will be a relaxing party on Saturday.

“There will be dodges, fun fair rides, coconut cheeses, lots of food stalls, lots of cocktails, Bloody Marys for hangovers and a festival vibe.”

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