Prince Charles: Prince Charles urges British to plant trees and ‘abandon lasting legacy’ Royal | News

Prince Charles: Prince Charles urges British to plant trees and 'abandon lasting legacy' Royal |  News

In a message recorded to BBC One’s Countryfile viewers tonight, the Prince of Wales said people’s appreciation for the UK’s green spaces and trees had increased during the epidemic. Charles, who started the Plant Britain campaign, added that it is our duty to ensure that they are preserved for future generations. He was joined by Dam Judy Dench, Queen guitarist Brian May and sixties icon Twiggy. The two-year program began when tree native trees were distributed across the UK. Prince Charles said: “Planting a tree means leaving a lasting legacy that I can go and enjoy with you and your children and grandchildren long after I go.

“I know that many people have increased their appreciation for trees and other green spaces during this difficult year, so it takes a long time for a tree to mature and it is our duty to plant trees in the future to enjoy their shade in warmer climates, especially in cities and towns, for many benefits.

Countryfile works with the Woodland Trust, which distributes trees to visitors as part of a special ballot or through their tree-based tree pack scheme.

The show will show how trees and plants contribute to the health of the planet and how they act as important systems for sustaining the lives of wildlife, insects and pollinators.

Dam Judy said he was sent an alcohol during the lockdown and put in a jar and an oak tree began to grow. She said: “So even if you do not have a garden, you can do it.”

Speaking to the Sunday Express, presenter Steve Brown said planting trees or flowers is fun and it’s fun to see them grow and the wildlife they attract.

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Growing up in Kent he instilled a love of nature, he added: “My dad taught me what was at my door, Chris Pakkam taught me what was going on in the country, and David Attenborough taught me.

“When is the worst time to plant trees or shrubs in the garden or in the canyon?

“Everything is about climate change now. We all know that the world is at a point where we need to do something and take action.

“It’s so easy to feel isolated, especially the way we live now, to think about a tree of mine, what difference does it make?

“But you’re not alone, 750,000 trees are just the tip of the iceberg. This motivates people to plant wherever they can.”

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