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Prime Minister Foster resigns

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Amanda Ferguson

Belfast (Reuters) – Leading parties in Northern Ireland have seven days to approve a government after the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)’s Arlene Foster told the legislature she had resigned as prime minister of the British semi-autonomous province.

The resignation was announced on April 28 in the wake of clashes over the repercussions of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Especially the Northern Protocol. In the UK, the Irishman created trade barriers between Northern Ireland and the rest.

The DUP is expected to nominate Piu Giwen to lead the government, but if Sinn Fെയ്in, the Republican Party that leads the DUP province, refuses to appoint a deputy prime minister, the executive may not act, and early elections may follow.

Sinn Fin asks his partner to move a bill on the status of the Irish language in the British province. However, when Paul Given was commerce minister, funding for the Irish language was cut, which, according to Sinn Fin, collapsed four years before the last united government.

New DUP chief Edwin Boots told BBC Radio Ulster on Monday that he was committed to all aspects of NDNA, but that the Irish language was not a precondition for electing a prime minister.

(Written by Abraham Fahi, French edition by Hayat Gassain)