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Prime Day 2020 Best Deals Under 50 Still Available: Rock Streaming Stick Plus, Premiere, Express HD

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Is part of this story Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Update, October 15: Amazon’s Prime Day Sales Midnight PT. However, we are keeping track of it The best prime day deals are still available We recognized Best Walmart “Big Save” Deals, Which is available till the end of the day.

Amazon Prime Day Ro officially ended, but some deals from Rock remain, including the Rock Streaming Stick Plus for $ 37, the Rock Premiere for $ 27, and the Rock Express HD for $ 21.

Still available


This is Roku’s most basic streaming player. It usually costs $ 30, but is available for just $ 21 on Prime Day. It can’t handle 4K HDR streaming, but it works well. Read our Rock Express (2019) review.

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Rock Premier usually sells for $ 40, but only $ 27 at the end of delivery. It takes the basics out of Express HD and adds the ability to handle 4K HDR content. Read more.

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The Roku Streaming Stick Plus retails for $ 50, but is available for $ 37 (off 13 off) on Prime Day. Unlike the Premier and Express HD versions, Streaming Stick Plus connects to TVs with HDMI ports – and can stream up to 4K.

Read the review.

Not available anymore


Amazon’s pint-sized smart speaker third 50-third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is now on sale for $ 19. Like other Alexa speakers, Echo Dot answers your questions about the weather, controls compatible smart home devices, and does it all with simple voice commands.

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The Echo Flex, a $ 25 plug-in smart home device from Amazon with optional attachments, sells separately. Attachments include night lights and motion sensors so you can adjust your Echo Flex device to suit your specific needs. On Prime Day, the Echo Flex is priced at just $ 10.

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The Echo Show is Amazon’s smart 90 smart display. During Prime Day, half of this small display costs just $ 45. Like other Amazon smart displays, this model works with the Alexa Voice Assistant to answer your questions about the weather, display a live camera’s compatible security camera, and much more.

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The Blink Mini is one of the latest indoor security cameras from the Amazon brand – usually priced at $ 35. Now, with a $ 10 discount, you can discount one for just $ 25. It’s similar Vice Com Indoor, But no cloud native cloud storage.

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Amazon Prime Day 2020: Everything you need to know


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