Primark St.-Etienne: “Real Life” Advertising Campaign

Primark St.-Etienne: "Real Life" Advertising Campaign

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Primark supports promoting diversity in Saint-Etienne before it opens in a few months. The long-awaited fashion giant in Lower has launched a new advertising campaign featuring models with Down Syndrome or Vitiligo. Michael Jackson’s hidden disease in the 90s. In this communication campaign, there are no bans and simple heroines that match “real life”.

“Beauty and fashion brands can’t freeze on the strict image of women (men), which avoids any kind of diversity,” you explain.

Primark has released several photos from the new campaign for the Spring / Summer 2021 collection.

The Irish brand was definitely chosen to highlight the variety and appearance of the bodies. For this, they specifically called the models with Downice Syndrome and Vitiligo. Advertisements praised by Internet users on social networks.

Primark St.-Etienne 2022 from June

3,500 m Primark signed a contract with Clopier, the owner of the Center Duke’s, to establish the area.

Bartholomew Dott, Managing Director of Clopier Group’s Shopping Centers, announces: “The good news is that Primark Center has joined the Duke, giving it the much needed impetus. It is also a sign of the confidence that Primark has already established in our eleven shopping centers in Europe.

A new advertising campaign that includes models with Down Syndrome or Vitiligo. Michael Jackson Hidden Disease

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