Primark opens in Milan, the challenge of the “cursed” building through Torino (where Standa and Funak were) –

Primark opens in Milan, the challenge of the "cursed" building through Torino (where Standa and Funak were) -

Countdown to the opening of the new Primark store in central Milan. The low-cost fashion giant will open its first Milanese store in 2022, opening two shopping centers in Arese and Rozzano. Where the interest arises: that Cursed Palace by Torino 45. The seven-story, 10,000-square-meter building has hosted major brands such as Standa, Billa, Troni and Fanak for years. The reputation of the building is closely linked to the misfortune of the activities chosen as its headquarters.


The history of the building actually begins with the iconic food brand Standa. The founders bought the building in the 1930s and remained in business for about 70 years. In 2000, the building became a seat. Downstairs. In the Billa supermarket, after the sale of the German group Revek Standa in 2001. Billa, who was called by the Milanese and the boys from Cologne, was unlucky. In 2015, its doors closed and 60 of its workers lost their jobs.

Meanwhile, Fnac Italia, a publishing, music and electronics chain that ended liquidation in 2000 and 2012, also settled in the building. This is no better for Troni, who settled at No. 45 via Torino as a replacement for Fnac. In 2016, after 4 years of life, the electronics store shipwrecked. The now abandoned cursed building was later put up for sale but was unsuccessful. Until Primer comes.

New shop

The Irish giant’s plan is also ambitious as it focuses on the physical storeOr, the company opened 15 globally during the e-commerce boom. The new store will be spread over 7 floors, making it a truly low-cost fashion department store. The building, valued at an annual rent of 2.5 million euros, was handed over to Primark for 20 years. Lots of words looking out from the bottom of the scarfolding and soon the work was almost done. On the opening day, the company maintains strict confidentiality. The Italian influence of new openings and opening of 8 stores is significant in any case. In total, we will hire 2,000 collaborators, including 140 managers, who will join the current 1,500 staff, ”said Primark Italy’s head of sales Luca Cufreda told Courier in 2021 about the country’s development in the south. It remains to be seen whether the Irish giant in Milan will be luckier than former tenants on the Torino 45 route.

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