Primark lands in Catania, 150 mercenaries on the way: How to apply

Primark lands in Catania, 150 mercenaries on the way: How to apply
  • The new store at Misterbianco Shopping Center will open on December 1st
  • We are looking for sales, visual merchandising, warehouses and store managers
  • Candidates can fill up the form in the Primer “Careers” section

For incoming wages Primark It lands at the “Centro Sicilia” shopping center in Sicily and exactly Catania in Misterbyonco. News that will delight many Sicilians will surely stimulate the local economy.

The renowned Irish company, which specializes in low-cost clothing, has, in fact, decided to open its 400th store in the world, thus continuing its expansion policy across the country.

In Italy, the company already has more than 2,400 affiliates and 7 sales points, located in Brescia, Ares, Rozano, Verona, Camby Biscencio and Rome (2 branches), with the goal of doubling this in the coming years.

The new Misterbioco store will open on December 1, with 150 employees in favor of the initial hiring, although more entries are expected for a total of 300 units in the coming months.

Here’s all the details about the required profiles and how to apply.

Statistics sought

Primark’s new appointments target the following profiles:

  • Sales, visual merchandising, cash office and warehouse staffIt is best to have good experience in teamwork, as well as previous experience in fashion, retail, GDO or customer service. Job positions require a part-time commitment.
  • Store Manager e Department Manager Full Time, With at least 2 years experience in retail / large scale distribution sector, team management, training and development and ready to relocate to national territory.
  • Supervisor – Sales floor supervisor full time, Coordinating experience and cooperative attitude, problem solving skills and willingness to move to the national territory. CCNL is expected to fill this position with the inclusion of Level 3 of Commercialcio.
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Preliminary Assignment: How to apply

You can apply by entering the section directly “Jobs” Of the company. From this page you can see all the open locations in Sicily and Italy and apply online using the appropriate form.

Primer guarantees constant training and updates to all employees, accompanying them on their growth path from dynamic to dynamic and challenging context.

“Our employees’ focus is always at the heart of Primark’s business.”

Luke Ciffreda, Primark is head of sales at Italia, In connection with this stated: “We are delighted to open our first store in Sicily on December 1, and with this last Italian opening, we can count on 400 stores worldwide.

So this will be a great celebration for us to remember! Attention to our employees has always been at the heart of Primark’s business, so we are thrilled to welcome new colleagues to our soon-to-be-opened Misterbianco store.

Primark is truly for everyone, and we can not wait to offer our customers the latest fashion trends at even lower prices in Catania and across Sicily.

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