Priced at $ 28 million … the most expensive car in the world will impress you! (Video and photos)

Priced at $ 28 million ... the most expensive car in the world will impress you!  (Video and photos)

The British company Rolls-Royce has unveiled the world’s most expensive car, the Bottail, which is worth 20 20 million and more than $ 28 million.

The rear design of the 5.8-meter-long car resembles a 4-seater yacht deck, a model known as the Coach Build, a guest-only program that allows the company to launch a new division in their business. Wealthy customers of the company to order unique and replaceable cars.

For this reason, the other, each unit of the new car is designed for its buyers, who have been collaborating with the designers for 4 years under the program, so it turned out beautiful and stunning, as the customer participated in every step of the final journey and adapted to its innovation, which is compatible with the novelty of the car, intended for lovers sitting in the open air or on the beach. Includes, the cabin has been specially modified by its manufacturer so that the owner can place his own wrist watches.

The new car is more expensive than the other two cars, each of which was the most expensive in the world, with the exclusive Rolls-Royce Sweptail, built for $ 14 million in 2017, and the Bugatti first unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

“Rolls Royce” inspires its new car from the majestic yards, where the most attractive features are concentrated on its rear end, modern interpretation of the wooden rear, supported by polished stainless steel carvings, and at the push of a button, it becomes a “hosting whip” for outdoor entertainment. .

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